Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Do:

To do while visiting Camp Wawona:

  1. Make pop-tarts from scratch
  2. Play racing game on X-box
  3. Run Wawona loop
  4. Go off roading
  5. Visit Star Lakes
  6. Sing songs with Jerrod (like it is a Gaither Homecoming)
  7. Make cookies
  8. Drink "Deer Water"
  9. Visit the valley
  10. Strawberry Shortcake
  11. Long conversation with Anthony
  12. Stay up really late
  13. Get up really early
  14. Camp in an Umacha
  15. Read from Ford County
  16. Motorcycle ride
  17. Cook with Paulette
  18. Clean a cabin ;)
  19. Visit the new stage
  20. Organize the props and their new home
  21. Just be, to enjoy each moment
  22. Cry-I'm putting this cause I figure I will so I might as well feel productive and accomplished
  23. Visit the heli pad
  24. Eat with chopsticks
  25. Eat a Yakima apple
  26. Cook a meal for the staff
  27. Walk the trails
  28. Go on a night hike
  29. Laugh with Jifer
  30. Stare at nature

Feel free to add any other things!


Anthony said...

Were you planning on staying here another year? ;)

Jackie Torres said...

Sleep is for the dead! or the airplane ride back to Africa.

laSonya said...

Okay, maybe I was just thinking about everything I enjoyed while I was there and wanting to relive that. One can always hope.

life happens said...

drink DEER water? i don't know what that is... and it sounds gross.

giggle, groan, and cry with Kimberly (mentally since she will not be present... this can also be accomplished via skype from the SQUARE- though Jason lives there now and that could make awkward times... but i believe in you!)

jump in the river (and not die)
miss kimberly
hug a bear
lick some snow (not the yellow kind)
miss kimberly
count ALL the stars THEN miss kimberly
name a fern (or 4 hundred) kimberly
go to mariposa (because it's there) without kimberly :(
make anthony build a really good fire (cause he can)
miss Kimberly (a LOT)
tell a tanzanian tale
dream about "2 years" things (NOT with kimberly)
make a chocolate, peanut butter cake (oh MAN that is good stuff)
have anthony teach you how to make torta pascolina (then teach kimberly how)
miss kimberly a bit more
make her a shirt
bake her cookies
then send them to alaska

i miss you friend!!! i'm so glad we got to skype yesterday AND today!!! yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

Just saw where DeerPark Water was 2.99 for 24. I'd buy you several cases if only I could see you.
Can't wait to hear how many and what you got checked off you list.

Andrea said...

You forgot about cleaning cabins and doing laundry. better save some time for that. :)