Sunday, April 15, 2012

A call to my heart.

The wind whistles through the trees
It calls to my heart, saying drink deep of this peace.
I hear it say,

"You might not know about tomorrow or next week
You might remember yesterday and last year
But right now just feel the cool air, the snow on your skin and the sounds of the birds in the mighty Sequia.

Right now breathe deep of today, of what I have given you;
Set down, set aside, and leave alone the burdens you have been carrying.
Lay them at my feet, I will carry them, I will bear your burdens.

Your heart has called to me and I have heard its cry.
Stand among the trees, listen, take note and pay attention, that is my voice you hear,
That is my call for you, a calling for you to come and rest.

Your soul has cried and I have caught the tears.
I will hold your right hand, as you walk the path,
As you pass through this place, remember in whom you hope."


Andrea said...

This sounds like something I would write in my journal in the woods at Wawona. Present tense is the best way to live with God.

Marilee said...

God is amazing.