Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here I am, May 23, 2012 and my life is changing drastically once again. In two weeks I will be traveling to America and not returning again to Tanzania.

This was a hard choice to make but I have felt a strong peace that came along with it. In the last eight months I have learned a very large amount of things/facts/nuggets about myself. Some of them good and encouraging with others slightly shocking and humbling. In my time here I have seen God work in amazing ways; from giving me courage and wisdom to do new and hard things to working things out in His perfect timing for us to help Happy and our current volunteers.

I have grown closer to the One who knows each intimate corner of my heart and I trust Him deeper than I ever did one year ago. I followed Him here and I know that He is now guiding someone else here to take my place as well as guiding me somewhere else back in America. And through it all He is teaching patience and trust.

I will miss my special times with Happy. Reading to her from the worship book, praying with her as she kneels with me and folds her tiny hands, holding her for a few minutes in the dark before I lay her down in her crib and dancing around the living room to our morning music. I however trust deeply that God has put her and I in each others lives for a time and He will continue to look out for His precious daughter, His little girl, whether I am here or not. Our two volunteers love her as fiercely as I do and I know my replacement will also love her instantly when she arrives in July.

These next two weeks I will treasure each moment and store each memory deep in my heart. I will hold Happy a little bit tighter, I will laugh with the volunteers a bit longer and thank God for each moment He has given me here with these beautiful people.

As for what is next in my life God is only revealing tiny bits at a time and He is waiting till His timing is perfect, which recently has been right at almost the last moment. I however have learned to wait and trust. So that is what I will do.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me ( or skype with me (sonyareaves).

Blessings and faith,


Andrea said...

I read it. I like it. Thanks for updating. :)

kessia reyne said...

wow, Sonya! Big changes indeed!

And the journey continues, step by step, poco a poco. And He's there beside you :)

life happens said...

His timing is perfect.

ReneEss said...

Thanks for sharing Sonys! May you be blessed as your journey continues. Ps. come visit all your friends here in Berrien. Mi casa es tu casa!!

Anonymous said...

God needed you with your energy, knowledge, drive, trust and love to get the orphanage started. And you have done just that....wonder what He'll have you'll do next....