Saturday, May 12, 2012

Learning how to go.

I'm sitting here in the kids bathroom at the house. I've been in here for over an hour. No there isn't a tornado, earthquake, or end of times drill, I'm in here because we are potty training Happy. She normally goes number two around ten am. So today we are trying to sit on the toilet until she goes. However it's almost noon and she hasn't gone yet.

She's really funny because she doesn't like to go to the bathroom on the toilet. She doesn't mind sitting there but once she has the urge to go she starts to cry and fidget. She'll try to stand up and she'll get angry. Then when she can no longer fight the urge, she pees. Once that's done she's no longer crying, angry or fidgety. It's funny to me that one can be so upset at feeling better. But then again I guess I'm not two and a half.

Anyway since we've been here for so long I know she's got to go number two and the fact that she's fidgeting, crying and moving around so much I know she's got it in her and is ready to let it out. Only she's afraid. Afraid of what, I'm not sure. There's an object lesson in here somewhere and if I have to sit in here to much longer I'm sure I'll find it.

After she goes in the toilet she gets a sticker. She's already gotten two since we started sitting here. She likes stickers and wants another one, only she hasn't pooped yet.

A thought hit me, what if we still got stickers for going to the toilet? If in public bathrooms there was someone standing outside the bathroom who would give you a cool sticker when you came out. Just a thought.

As I sit here I've written some in my journal, sung some great camp songs, talked to Happy (pretty much a one sided conversation since she's been upset) and played with the bath toys. The longer I sit here the more things I go through and am beginning to wonder if this is just training for the end of times when I have to hide out for a long time. If that's the case it's a good thing I'm practicing because it's hard.

Anyway, she hasn't gone yet. She's really fidgety and crying now. It shouldn't be much longer. She'll think this is funny when she's in college and reads this. Ha. I guess we all have to learn how to use the toilet at some point in our lives.

Since I've never been a potty trainer before I'm open to tips, suggestions or other funny stories. Just put them in the comment section. Thanks and Happy Sabbath to you.

Oh, and think of us still sitting in the kids bathroom the next time you visit the toilet.


Sarah said...

When I was potty training, my mom tells a story about how one day I was sitting in the bathroom and she was in the kitchen waiting for me to do my business. I finished and started calling out, "Wipe me, please, wipe me." My brother appeared and thought that I was saying "Like me" with my lisp. So he very earnestly told me, "Sarah, I like you!" This exchange went on for a while with me frustrated saying, "I just want you to wipe me!" And Matt persistently saying, "But I DO like you!" Finally my mom came in and translated :)

Jackie Torres said...

I had a potty chair that I quite enjoyed. My parents would put The Land Before Time or Back to the Future on, and I'd chill out. I guess that made a positive association with going to the bathroom.

I do think it would be super funny if we still got stickers for using the potty. Can you imagine going on a first date at a restaurant and coming back to the table with a sticker and the guy giving you a high-five. Hilarious.

I hope Happy finds the happy in going to the bathroom soon. For her sake and yours!