Friday, January 18, 2013


I’ve been promoted! I came to Oakhurst as a part time teacher and part time Bible worker. Now however, I am the new head teacher! I am in charge or our little school! Wowzers! I teach kindergarten and first grade, starting at 8 in the morning then at 1 I go into the upper grade classroom where I then teach the 1st through 8th grade until school is out at 3:30pm. It makes for a long day, but a fun filled day.

I can’t believe I get to do this job! I mean, I am in charge of a school?! How did that happen? Last year I was working in Tanzania, this year I’m running a school. I never would have thought this would be how things went. In fact if you would have asked me last month if I was going to do this I would have said a big, fat, N.O. but I’ve seen God working in the last few weeks and days, I’ve seen how He has put people around me to support me and the school, I’ve had people see inside me and have confidence that I can do this. I am a lot more tired these days but I’m excited.

The adventures I've been on in the last five years have been to crazy to believe. God is good and who knows what He has in store for the next 5 years!

Here's to teaching and learning.


Andrea said...

Amen. Here's to being promoted!

Sandy Keele said...

oh man Sonya, I'm so happy to read this. Thank you for the good news. He tried to tell us all things work together for good. We'll stop doubting by the time we're 92 I guess.

kessia reyne said...

Cheers! great news, Sonya! Congratulations :)

Marilee said...

A first year teacher now the head teacher after the first half year? only you Sonya.
PS I finally got connected AGAIN here so I can leave a comment-hence the string of them.