Wednesday, October 2, 2013

At the end of the day.

These days have been deep thinking kind of days. get on my knees and plead for help and wisdom, praying kind of days.
 I've sat in the silence in my car just thankful to not have to listen to the voice of another soul.
I've received hugs from first graders just because they were excited to read a book with me.

I was reminded that I might be teaching here so I can help one little kid understand that God loves them. Or maybe I'm here to inspire them to be a missionary and share the things they have learned.
Whatever it is may God be glorified in everything I do and say.

I can't stop thinking about this song. I tried listening to it one day after school and I couldn't stop the tears. At times when I am so deep in confusion of what on earth can I do more for some of these kids and I hear this song in my head I just pray that what I am doing is enough.

At the end of the long days I am constantly reminded of this song. The list of people I am going to thank is quite long and I hope I can be for a student what my teachers, friends and family have been for me.

Ps My hair often looks like the back up singers and I'm digg'n the mullet :) God bless 80's power ballads. (this is is a power ballad right?) Okay, on closer inspection maybe my hair doesn't quite look like the back up singers, but it's a close call.


Sarah said...

Your hair sure looked like that during our awesome 80s day in Chad! :)

Andrea said...

Amen. Love the power-ballad too. :)

kessia reyne said...

Awwww. great reflection.

Also, an important message for La Sonya:

WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS MAKING AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE. Huge. Eternal. Life-shaping, culture-shaping, Jesus-pleasing.

Sandy Keele said...

It'll be something else once we get to Heaven. But like you say, lets do all we can now, so we can all enjoy it together. Love you, Sonya.