Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

The best run I have gone on, ever. 

Six of us {3 ultra runners, 1 Olympic tri and 1 long runner} ended up split in two groups. I had been expecting that, I'm slow. I might be faster than a really slow person I'm by no means faster than an ultra runner {someone who runs races longer than a marathon, 26.2} or an Olympic triathlete. I had let the group know that as well, I didn't want to hold anyone back. 

So we started our 8,000+ elevation run. I had 10 miles to eat and was ready to run behind. Then I find Chris is beside me telling me he's always wanted to be a pacer and tell jokes to help distract from the miles and I realized, he would pace me. He was telling me, without actual words, not to worry about speed because he'd run my pace. And I knew I'd not run alone. 

Then after a couple of miles Anthony came back to our group and started running with us. I had thought he was going to run between the two groups but the longer the time went the more I realized he was sticking with team B. Zack went on ahead to inform the others of our route change {we opted from a busy, busy road to a dirt road that wasn't as steep or busy}. Over the next miles I was encouraged, supported, entertained, believed in and out of breath. I ran with ultra runners and it was the best day of my life. 

Christoffer and Anthony, if you are reading this know that you both gave me a gift {intentionally or not} that I will remember for a long time. Thank you. 


Andrea said...

Here's to dirt mountain roads and good people!

Experience: part of a balanced life said...

Those Olympic triathaloners are hot!

Christoffer said...

So, I'm just now reading this.... Glad we could run together on such a nice day in such a nice place! It was good times and we'll have to do it again here soon, I think.