Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I like hearing from different friends that you read my blog still :) I know it's not as exciting as it was when I was living in faraway lands, eating faraway things and blumbering through life from faraway.

Since now I'm a "settled adult" life is more of the 'same ol' same ol''. But really when teaching and principal-ing. LIFE is NEVER the same. EVER.

This last weekend was our Fall Festival. It seems to get better and better as each year goes by. In fact this year was so good they taped me to the wall with duct tape.
(Mid way finished!)
Fun! We also had local businesses run activities. One business in particular was the local gym, which I have a membership to. The exciting part was the guy who came to run the booth was my very own Peeta-crush-look-alike. Now it's hard for me to make eye contact when I go to the gym. Ha, what am I, 12?

This week I did my first observation of our second teacher. That was fun, it made me realize I am a principal. I had a sub for my classroom so I ended up taking the rest of the day off to do admin stuff. It felt good.

Thanksgiving is in two weeks. My hermano is coming to visit for PreTurkey week. I can't wait!! I vow to take heaps and heaps of pictures. HEAPS!

Here is my main thought for my blog post: Sleep is nice, warmth is better but friends and family are best.

That sounded nice didn't it? Cliche and nice :)


Jessica said...

Sounded very nice indeed :]

Andrea said...

Wait a minute...did you stand on the chair the whole time? Or at some point they took the chair away? Because that makes a big difference in the cool-factor of the duct-tape thing. But anyway, I think you're cool just cause you're a principal on the non-traditional education route. Suuuper cool!