Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adventures Down Under

For spring break last month I had a grad adventure. After almost three years of snoozing on the shelf I dusted off my poor, lonely passport and put it to good use. I flew down to Australia, the country and the continent.

I just spent my holiday in Australia. Wowzers. I never thought I'd say that! In fact Australia wasn't even on my list of place I wanted to visit, simply because I never really had any good friends to visit and it is sooooooo far from any other country. In fact it wasn't even on my list of places I didn't want to visit. It was just so far away from my mind! Ha, it's funny how life goes sometimes.

Here's how it happened:
Over Christmas a friend from my Camp Wawona days asked me to help one of her Australian friends out and show him around Yosemite for a day, to which I did my best at with the time we had. It turned out to be a quick trip from the train station in FresNO to Mariposa, the big trees (which are my absolute favorite and I love to share) to my house and back to the train station the next morning. Since I showed him around Yosemite and connected him with heaps of people in all the other places he was going he in turn offered me the same kindness if I ever came to Australia. So what other option did I have than to visit Australia? I think in the long run I might have gotten the better end of the deal as I only could show him around California for 9 hours and he showed me around Australia for 9 days. . .

It was 9 days of adventures as only we could have. Full of the open road, kangaroos, wombats, beaches and mountains. It was good. Here are a smorgasborg of pictures to tantalize your eyes with.
The Sydney Opera House
Aboriginal hand prints on a cave wall. A great find because even the Australian had never been there! 

The Yellow Deli in Katoomba, NSW. Be careful because they like to love bomb and you'll never be the same again!

Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains. This place is beautiful and one of my favorite places. I could go back here.

Apparently I am quite the photographer because I was able to capture Martin's elusive smile that hasn't been seen in many a years. 

The Three Sisters, Katoomba. Seriously, I loved it here.
Driving on the other side of the road, it takes some getting used to!

Best Saturday night in a long time! We saw As You Like It at the Sydney Opera House!

I can drive on the other side of the road, chew gum, and take a selfie all while Martin slept. Skilz. 

Look! A wild kangaroo!

The ocean and my hair are goood friends.


I swapped secrets with a wallaby. 

Camels. I rode a camel. Dreams came true.


Sunset in Katoomba.
A sunset in Australia always means a sunrise for today. Time travel is funny like that.

If you ever go to Australia let me know I'll tell you all the good places to go!


ChuckR said...

Soooo who is this Martin fellow?????

laSonya said...

He's the guy in the pictures. Obviously.

Lola said...

WHAT AN ADVENTURE!! So jealous. Glad you had an amazing time, lady!

ChuckR said...

Okay so who's the guy in the pictures???? Marvin who????