Thursday, June 9, 2016



I now have a better understanding of the fundraising process. I will break it all down for you:

Tax Deductible: If you need to make it tax deductible you can donate it directly to the umbrella organization that RAW Impact is under for it's non profit license in America. The name is Global Development Group (GDG). You can do that here: If you do donate there please mark it with my name and email me to let me know.

Please note that because it is such a small organization I lose 25%. Here's the breakdown; GDG takes 7.5% from each donation. Then 10% of each donation goes towards growth and 7.5% goes towards RAW's administration of volunteers. With the transfer of funds between exchange rates from US to Australia and then back to Cambodia in US dollars, we lose a percentage there so that's included in the admin costs also. 

Go Fund Me: If you want to just donate via this (Go Fund Me) I loose only 5% to the organization. Please note this is not tax deductible unless I send it the rest of the way to GDG, if I did that I would lose 30%. 

Direct Deposit: This is if you want to just donate directly and not worry about tax deductible receipts. I can send you my Cambodia savings account with Bank of America. 

Monthly Donations: You can donate directly to me with no tax break or you can donate via GDG and get the tax break.

I hope this helps explain some things! If you have already donated please let me know if you need the tax deductible receipt. 

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