Saturday, August 20, 2016

And so we begin.

This is the first blog post from Phnom Penh. Can you believe it? We are finally here. I say we because I feel like this is a group effort to get me here and thus it should be addressed with WE. 

I arrived Thursday morning after time traveling right past Wednesday. Those of you who were able to experience Wednesday I hope you enjoyed it for me.

My apartment is on the second floor, which is nice in the fact we didn’t have to carry the luggage up too many flights of stairs. The stairs here are a bit of a challange but don’t worry I’ll explain more in a later blog. 

I’ve gotten my local sim card and have charged up on heaps of data for the month. Way more than I will ever need and more than I’ll ever use, all for the low price of $6. 

Side note: if you don’t have an iPhone then you need to get whatsapp so we can text. Isn’t that exciting?! So go, get it now!

I’ve gotten settled into my room for the most part. I need to pick up a few things still like a rubbish bin, tape, and basket for dirty laundry etc. My favorite! Unpacking and moving in.

My first morning was welcomed when the sun came up with a drink from my California mug.
I was able to sleep 7 1/2 hours the first night and 8 last night! I hope that continues! Time travel throws the system for quite the loop. Going West is easiest but still a bit of a drag at random parts of the day. Luckily coffee abounds in this place. 

Work. Ahhh, now that is something that I can get really excited about. It’s going to be a bit of time to get everything sorted out but I can tell you that I am incredibly excited and honored to be a part of it. On Friday morning we were in our staff worship/meeting (my first full day here) and just in that short meeting I was already brainstorming a MILLION things that I want to do. That’s not even including the things that Troy, Brett and Kerry have for me to do. If this is any indication of what to expect over the next few years, we my friends, have made a wonderful decision in sending me here. 

My morning latte from Joma has a bear, wombat or possibly a monkey face.
Which is more than anyone could ask for.
Food has been good. No fried spiders yet, but the year isn’t over yet. I’m sure I’ll get them eventually. I bought muesli, rice milk and bananas for my breakfast. Fairly typical of what I have been eating in the States except the rice milk tastes funny and I don’t think I’ll get that one again. I did eat Thursday night at the local $2 corner place that I really liked. I had been excited about the 10 veggie stir fry for 4 months. It was just as I remembered it.

The weather has been delightful. The clouds are here most all day covering the roasty-toasty sun and when the breeze comes it is pleasant. . . as pleasant as can be in an easy bake oven. 

Today, Saturday has been everything I wanted and more. Good conversations with friends both here in Phnom Penh and in the States. Resting with a fan blowing on me and fruit juice popsicles that I made from the freezer. Thank goodness for a Sabbath rest!

That’s all I have for now. Know that I appreciate all the love, prayers and support from each of you. 


Marilee said...

Happy Sabbath Morning Sonya,
What a wonderful description of your first hours and your excitement. God will be able to accomplish much through you and the like-minded staff.
That porch is a great place to ponder in the early morning and evening. That might become one of your fav spots although I can't really tell if there is much of a view.
Will have to get the app to text. How exciting. And 6 buck data-wow, God know you all need that to stay connected to fam and friends.
Waiting with abated breath for more fun posts.

Calle Wieg said...

So happy for you, Sonya, settling in and feeling fairly comfortable already. So many adventures await you!!! I love the face in the latte - very cool :) And I love that all those ideas in your imaginative head are being heard and hopefully implemented in the near future - yay for an organization that welcomes creativity! On the other hand, I miss you and will continue to do so. You're such a breath of fresh air. Take good care of yourself as you serve those around you.

Andrea said...

I agree with people above me. And also, please don't tell me if you start eating fried insects. I'd just rather not know about it.
Happy Week-aversary tomorrow! Jesus is with you.

Christoffer said...

Everything sounds good! Don't bottle up any bad. Keep reporting! This was a good one! My face isn't making a single movement in excitement, but these exclamation marks sure make it seem like I should be! In my head I'm talking in a more animated voice than I would in real life. I'm sure you understand. I mean, I'm sure you understand!