Monday, August 29, 2016

Guess what?!

Would you believe it? I am still having trouble believing I get to live here in Cambodia. I am settling in to a life in Phnom Penh. It seems natural and normal, which is funny because how many people do you know that get to help build a bamboo house, encourage teachers, learn Khmer, hang out with people and call it a living?!

Right?! Who? ME! That's who.

I feel even more settled in because I just bought my bicycle or as the Aussies say, "push bike". (DOn't worry I am dedicating a whole blog to the new bike!) I'm working on settling in the apartment too. I've bought some spices and little things to hold the garlic and ginger. I am eyeballing a rice cooker and I've just made a pot of beans. I live here.

Today was an office day and since I didn't get the chance to make my beans yesterday (Sunday) I went on an adventure to find a restaurant around the office that had vegetarian food. It was a quite successful adventure too! I found a place where I can go get a meal for 7,000 riel and practice my Khmer for an hour! What a winner. I had noodles and veggies with jasmine tea. I even got to watch a strange Chinese movie with funny English subtitles.

I live here. I'm still wrapping my head around that.

Abbie, a roommate got flowers last weekend.