Thursday, August 11, 2016

Packing Up

I have made big strides this week in packing!! Thanks to my friend Melissa who came down to visit me yesterday and help me pack. I had been doing well on my own but was daunted with the task of actually putting things in my suitcase. So Melissa responded to my S.O.S. and drove over 2 hours to accept the challenge of packing, or as I like to call it playing Tetris with a 50 lb limit.

This is how things started out:

They got pretty serious after lunch and we attacked the pile with vengeance.

The key to our success was in friendship, good music but also in those nifty vacuum bags!

I have just a few things left to take care of and then I'm ready for a jet plane. I'm excited, scared and jazzed. It's time for a change and I'm packed and ready for it to come.


Christoffer said...

Go Sonya.

Marilee said...

Oh lady, what places you go. Actually it is you go where God leads you. Can't wait to hear about your flight and first days where God has planted you! Hugs and Prayers your Honduras mom