Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Summon the Courage.

I found myself looking for all my extra courage today.

I've graduated from the little moped bike to the one Kerry has been using. It's a manual bike. It's roughly the same size as the black moped bike, only it rides much different. I have to pay attention to the gears and shift up and down with my left foot. I have to break with my right food as well as my right hand all the while remembering the throttle in the same hand. I have to look around for drivers, pot holes and landmarks to know where to turn.

The thing is, it's hard. I enjoy being pushed to grow and learn. I often volunteer for new things. I like learning languages, leading groups of people and being the first to try something. This however is pushing me a lot. I want to stay in my comfortable zone of push bike. It's hard going out to the village on my own. I have a great coach here in Phnom Penh but he can't do it for me, he can't ride me out there. I am having to summon up all my courage and ride out there on my own because I have to.

I'm working on keeping my chin up and sights on the future but today I struggled. Today I went out to Taskor for the first time on the bigger bike and I wanted to be back where it was easy. I didn't want to learn something new. I wanted my comfort zone.

Nothing much more to say than that. An honest confession that I am not always brave, I am not always optimistic and sometimes I'd rather just not.


DW said...

Sonya, I love your blog. I read it often. It's like going through the experience with you. I know what you mean about being out of your comfort zone. It's hard. But hang in there with your moped. Before you know it you will be driving it without even thinking about it. And then you can enjoy the trip. God bless. Hugs.

DW said...

Previous should say bike or motorcycle, not moped

Christoffer said...

I'm scared of the thought of learning to ride a motorcycle too. Yikes! Stay safe and learn quick. Then it'll be your comfort zone.