Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time line.

Recently the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventist's (SDA's) office of Volunteer Services (that's a big mouth full!) gave me a shout-out on social media with a #tbt from when I lived in Tchad in 2007. It sparked a trip down memory lane and I spent the next several hours looking through all the pictures of time abroad. I think I sounded like the classic old person... "wow, look at that! I'm so young looking! Wasn't this photo just a few years ago. . .or was it? Oh man, it was almost 10 years ago. . . I AM old. I don't think 34 is all that old but it is an age where I can stop and realize I have done a lot and lived a full life so far. But really, was it that long ago I was in Honduras or Tchad?! 

With it being my birthday this weekend I thought It'd be a perfect time to give a little timeline with photo's of the years. So here we go!

Age 1?
Christopher is a doll face!

Age 2?

Age 3?

Age 5-- Kindergarten

Age 10--4th grade
Flower print, second row far left
Age 17-- Senior Yr 

Middle top row

Age 18-- 1st yr of Uni
Middle bottom row
Age 20 --Honduras

Age 21

Age 22

Age 23  

 Age 24-- Tchad, Africa

Age 25-- Georgia, USA 

Age 26-- Summer in Yosemite 

Age 27-- Norway

Age 27-- 10 yr high school reunion

Age 28--Wawona, Yosemite, California

First legit race at 27 (half marathon)
Age 29-- Tanzania 

Age 30--California 
With mom (30 yr between us)
 Age 31-- California 
Bro, Christopher 
The perks of being principal and teacher.

 Age 32-- California

Age 33-- California
Second full marathon race

Age 33-- Cambodia

 Well, there you have it. Sonya through the ages. 
What are your thoughts? 
Do I look older? 
Do I look different? 
I always thought I looked older than I was but now I think I may have just looked like a baby like everyone else! Ha. 
Please share your thoughts! 
Did you know me way back when?
 Can you see a difference now? 
Which picture did you have the hardest time recognizing me in? 

 Even this was 5 years ago now....
Here's a bonus side by side with 10 yr's apart.


Christoffer said...

That is an impressive collection, Sonya. Happy late birthday I think. (Earth Day?? I am ashamed...)

Jessica said...

I couldn't believe that you were only 25 at GCA-- and even older than that but ONLY 26 at Wawona when I worked with you. I'm almost 27 and feel so old. But you weren't even 27 then! Crazy. How do you do it? haha

Kim said...

I love the pictures of little Sonya - so cute! Happy Birthday all the way from your home state. Yes, Texans will still claim you, even if you say things like "uni." Hehe.

Margaret Collins said...

Sonya Reaves we knew you before you were born and your parents thought for sure you were going to be a boy and how happy they were to have beautiful little girl! !

Margaret Collins said...

Enjoyed all your pictures and the adventures God has lead in your life, how you continue to follow His leading in your life! Such a blessing you have chosen to "bloom" where God has planted you and touched so many lives!! Hugs and prayers.

Andrea said...

That was fun! Happy Birthday!