Saturday, June 10, 2017


I went to my very first soccer match this week. It was Cambodia Nationals (that means they are part of FIFA) against Indonesia. It was just scrimmage game, which is good because Cambodia lost. Well, I am almost certain they lost. I'm not sure because there were HEAPS of people there and we didn't want to wait till the bitter end and get caught up in the swarm of people leaving Olympic Stadium. We left with 8 min to go, or so. I can confidently if they didn't score in the first 80 min they aren't going to score in the last 8.

 It was quite fun to watch. It wasn't too hard to follow what was going on, kick the ball, run after the ball, try and make it go in the net with the goalie and run some more without stopping. I don't think it will be my last game, my upstairs neighbor plays for a local team and I hope to go to one of his games in the near future!

Cost of ticket: $1.25
Contribution to pay for tuk tuk:$.75
Evening out with friends: Priceless

Enjoy the little news report of the game and stay tuned to my youtube channel for more vlogs coming soon!!


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Christoffer said...

What a neat experience and for such a great deal! (And VLOGS!? Heading to your channel now.)