Monday, November 27, 2017

Khmer Portraits

This Monday is my friend's big 30th bday (sorry Lou, I hope that wasn't a secret!). Since we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow we planned a little celebration last Sunday! It was a fun day as she knew nothing of the plans for the day!

We started off with some yummy brunch, then Khmer portraits followed by more coffee and then ending the day with dinner! 

The best surprise were the group portraits we did. It's more fun to have a crazy make-over with friends then by yourself. Lou, Renee and I entered into the adventure together! They gave us fake eyelashes, fake hair and fake jewels to wear! I loved it. As a person who doesn't wear much make up or have any real reasons to get fancy, it was a blast. I mean who really does wear a tiara? 

Four short days later we got our pictures back and BOY are they amazing! Photoshop does wonders for a person! 

Please enjoy these photos from the day!

And make sure to wish Lou a happy birthday when you see her! 

Lou, me and Renee


Kim said...

This looks so fun! Yet another reason to visit you in Cambodia.

Andrea said...

These are fantastic!