Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Reality is in the Details

Obviously, when one wears make up, fake eyelashes and has access to 
Photoshop things don't always seem as they appear! 

Okay, so I showed you last time what the photoshopped pictures looked like. I am not going to lie, I stared at mine for quite a while. It is incredible to look at because I see me, but I don't see 'all of me'. I don't mind the changes because I think the results are lovely, not accurate of an everyday me but that's fine. I don't think I would want all my photos to be photoshopped either. It can be kind of tempting though.

I wore the eyelashes for as long as I could, they eventually started to fall off during my afternoon coffee. I enjoy the way they feel as well as the effect they have on making my eyes stand out. I enjoyed being 'fancy'. I think I posed more in those few hours (not including the actual photo shoot) than I have in a long time. But the external mask of beauty doesn't last forever, we sweat, we rub our eyes, we smudge our lipstick and soon the time of intensive make up is over.

Four days later we got the portraits back and wow were they way better than I imagined they would be. I took a long, long look at mine. I looked long and hard at my eyes, my skin and even my nose! They looked great. They looked polished and perfected and as I said before, I don't mind.

But today as I was looking in my mirror after spending the morning out in the village with the wind, dirt and sun, I realized that I like the way I look everyday. That Lou, Renee and I all look better in our everyday fancy and with our genuine smiles. There is a time and place for the fancy but I like us in the everyday better.

With this post I thought it might be interesting to show a side by side comparison of one of the photos. I think mine hs the most drastic differences being that my face is quite animated, you may say I have an overactive face. . . I have smile and laugh lines enough to share!

Alright, tell me what you think.

See if you can spot all the differences.


Andrea said...

Well said and I agree with you. Super cool to see the comparison too!

Calle Wieg said...

So much more character visible with the untouched photo. That's the Sonya I know!! ❤