Monday, February 5, 2018


I only owe $2,222.58 on my student loans!!! 

On knowledge of this I am filled with many different feelings. Had I stayed a teacher/principal I would have paid this off almost a year ago. If I was still a teacher/principal I could pay this off today. However because of my current financial position this could take me 1 to 2 years and that feels heavy.

Do I regret leaving my old job to move to Cambodia? NO WAY JOSÉ. I love being here, I just wish I could have the pay of an American teacher (Lord, knows they don't make much either!).

BUT I'm not going to let that get me down! I get to adventure everyday with Cambodian teachers and schools, people from all around the world who come to Cambodia to serve and learn and my Australian family. Being here and working with RAW Impact is more than a dream, it's the best reality I could ask for.

In Ta Skor village, the RAW Impact Protect team  is working with the families to get them out of debt. It's our own version of Dave Ramsey in the village. If they can put away money every day, so can I. If I can do they can do it, if they can do I can do it!

Don't worry, I'll still eat enough (heck yeah I will. I love food) but I'm going to live cheaper for the next few months to pay this off!

If you need me at a meal time I'll be at home cooking, feel free to come on over.

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