Monday, February 5, 2018

Poisoned by food!

January gave Lou and I the chance to join a favorite team from Sydney, Northridge Church. We love them because they are a repeat team and we have struck friendships with them, they have great praise worship music every morning, they love people really well and it is a joy and privilege to work with them in Cambodia.

They smashed out a couple bamboo houses in Ta Skor and in Koki. Putting in more hours to finish everything than I thought they had in them! They blew me away with their dedication and energy (this isn't a group of high schoolers, it is mixed with all ages. From 19 to 82!)

While in Siem Reap Lou and I left the group with Jen, the other RAW leader, and we went out to check a few potential schools/teachers. It was INCREDIBLE and we hope and pray good things will come from it! Stay tuned!

In a weeks time Lou and I rode in a Cambodia van at least 15 hours. 10 of those hours were in a three day time frame!! A couple of those hours we didn't even travel far, it was just THAT bad of a road!!! We joined this team straight after our RAW vision week and have been going full throttle since arriving back in Cambo earlier in Jan. We both were looking forward to catching up on life back in Phnom Penh. With RAW when you work a weekend you get the same amount of days off when the team trip is over and we had lots of plans on how to fill those 4 days!

We glad to be back in our neighborhood and decided on dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  I had the veggie taco salad and she had the beef one.

That was our undoing.

Around 4 am we both started getting the messages from our bodies that they were under attack and were going to purge the system clean in whatever way necessary.

And thus began our time off.

My body hurt so bad! I couldn't even drink water or my stomach would cramp. Food, NO WAY! So Lou and I were miserable together. Fevered, cramping, achy, tired all of it. That night I slept 14 hours. 14 HOURS!

It took a full three days to get back to my old self. I knew I was okay on day 4 when I talked more in an hour than I had in the last three days combined!

I've put my favorite Mexican restaurant on the Do Not Eat list for the next 6 months. Time to explore more food places around PP!

Nothing like ill health to make us appreciate good health!!

Here is to eating well, staying strong and not vomiting!

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