Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Years Resolution

This year I was inspired to try something new for a resolution. Instead of doing the classic pick one thing to add/take-away to my life I have chosen a On/Off challange. Here's what that is, I choose each month something different to add ON or take OFF my daily life, rotating between the two. You could pick ON drink 3 water bottles full a day for the month and then the next month would be to take OFF all sugar from my diet. It's been fun thus far with March being the hardest month to adapt to.

January: Off all disposable plastic (no take away cups or containers). It was GREAT! It was a struggle but I've managed to make it a habit and I cary reusable plastic containers with me now.

February: On flossing everyday. This one was easy and I saw a lovely improvement in my smile. I still floss everyday too!

March: Off all screens after 9 pm (except any form of texting because it is a good time to communicate with friends back in the states). Now this has been hard! I've fully caved in several times and just used my phone! Blech. I did notice a change in being in bed and asleep at a much more reasonable time. I plan on sticking with this plan and working harder to be off by 9pm. Tonights the last of this month but not the last of the changes!

April: ON. I've decided to be ON Snapchat. . . I know, I never wanted to even download the app but what fun is a New Years resolution if it doesn't challange us? So I'll be on Snapchat for the next month. I don't think I'll be using it after April but I know I'll use it everyday next month. . . here goes!

In case you want to connect on Snapchat, look for DreamsWithFaith.  See you there!

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Andrea said...

Hey! You're still on Snapchat, so I guess this means you have discovered the fountain of youth. Don't worry, I'll let you know what it's like to get old.