Monday, August 30, 2010

Eve of my trip

The last time I went to the continent of Africa I ate at Pei Wei a few days before my flight. I don't remember what I ordered but I do remember my fortune cookies. I thought they were quite fitting for the start of a new adventure in Tchad. It's funny that I again ate at Pei Wei and found my fortune cookies to be again fitting for my short adventure in Tanzania.

A visit to a strange place will bring you renewed perspective.

What will I learn over the next few days? Will my perspective really change? What exactly is my perspective on life/my future?!

New and rewarding opportunities will soon develop for you.


No need to worry! You will always have everything that you need.

This last one is from God. I've been scared recently. Not that I would run out of money (which is always a small fear) but that I wouldn't have the things of my heart. The things that I don't tell others about, the things that are deep down inside. I've been afraid.
No fear though, God's got me covered as usual.

Thank God for that.


Andrea said...

Jonathan Meharry used to make fun of me taping up fortune cookie fortunes on my computer screen. But I think they are nice. I'm glad God used at least one of them to encourage you too. He's good at that.

Nicholas said...

say hi to kilimanjaro for me