Friday, March 4, 2011

Cattle on a hill

After returning from Tanzania last September with Small Steps for Compassion we were asked to help raise money for the well project. We were each asked to raise $2,ooo. I said sure we should be able to raise that, it's only $2,ooo each right? However to be honest I had no idea how that was going to happen. I wanted it to, I believe in the cause and the need for the well (after all it will be where my drinking water comes from once I move there) but I didn't think it would happen coming from me. I hoped it wouldn't effect my future for a job with them if I was the only one who didn't raise the money. I didn't want to simply ask people for money the way I had always done for missionary trips before. I wanted it to be something people did because they believed in the cause and they wanted to give.

I decided I would work on simply creating awareness, I would help get the word out. I wouldn't even really try to raise the money, after all I couldn't. So I started the facebook cause with the intention of simply offering a way for people to know about it, I figured knowledge is kinda like money and I could count that, right?

Then things started to happen. I ended up asking for donations for Christmas, and people gave! Family and friends gave to the cause. I gave to the cause on behalf of my family for Christmas. I was happy because I had done what little I could. In December I was contacted by my German friend Vanessa and she wanted to know if her youth group in Germany could do a benefit concert for the orphanage! So they dubbed over the video into German and planed a choir concert for February.

As of last weekend God, not me, raised $2,ooo that's including the facebook donations and the concert. I didn't think it could happen. In fact I was certain it wouldn't after all I didn't have that kind of money and how was I to get it?

Why did I doubt?
Why did I believe that God wouldn't work?
Why did I have such little faith?

"For all the animals of the forest are mine,
and I own the cattle on a thousand hills"
Psalm 50:10

God sold some cattle on the hill for me the other day. I don't deserve it but I'm glad He did.


Txus said...

God is great!!!! bendiciones

kessia reyne said...

God doesn't mind selling some His cattle, because He cares more about people than His bank account. I aspire to that, too :)


YAY! I'm so glad the Lord came through in that way. I love being amazed by Him. He is so amazing. I'm happy with you, Sonya :D

Andrea said...

I'm glad for you too, and it's been fun to see how God has been unfolding His plan in your life this year.