Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A mixture of thoughts

I love the smell of rain. I love how it makes things cold. I love how it fills the well with water. I love how it makes things green.

I keep forgetting it’s fall where you are. I’m enjoying the spring and warm sunshine while you are getting snow. I love snow (I also love most things, it’s in my DNA to love things). I hope you are taking time to walk among the falling leaves, bundle up, wear a scarf, drink hot chocolate, sit by a fire, because fall is the time of year to slow down and be with people. I love fall.

I love to bake. You can ask any friend who has lived near me in the last few years and they will verify those facts. Although flour is a bit expensive here I still buy it ($1 for 2lbs). I’ve already made some sugar cookies and cinnamon buns, which my buns are getting better and better each time. The tricky part with baking here is to I light the top of the oven or the bottom. We use kerosene and you can’t light both, so I’ve chosen the bottom. Any tips on that would be welcome.

I do not love to go to Arusha. I went awhile back to get prices for our Holiday sponsor information and while I was there I interacted with so many people. Arusha truly is a city of many people, I talked with Christians, Muslims and Hindi. Quite the wide variety.

Nuts, there went the power. I’m pre-writing this on word so when I go to where there is internet I can copy and paste; however now I am not so sure I will go anywhere. It might be a nice quite evening at home with a good book and chi. Aww, it’s not to bad. I had wanted to call some of you to talk and to search a few things online but that can always wait.


Andrea said...

I love the rain and the fall too, and it's not in my DNA to love things. :) It's rainy and fall outside my window, and I will try to enjoy it for you. And for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know I love your posts. Am thinking of you. Love you lots. Enjoy the friends, country, and nature God has given you. Love ya!

Rachel said...

I'm glad your buns are getting beter and better:)