Sunday, March 25, 2012

The winds of change

Happy and I made a funfetti cake.

Change is sure in the air.

Kids, volunteers, staff, rain, chickens and water.

As much as chaos seems to be around, God is still here.

I've been learning to wait. Not the kind of waiting I seemed to do a lot of in the past; where I sit and wait for a door to open. But the kind where I take a deep breath, relax and trust God in the daily life.

In the last 5, almost 6 months I have had ideas, thoughts that I knew would happen only I didn't know how they would come about. Things that I could have botched up if I had taken them and tried to work them out on my own. But I learned to wait, to see what God's plans were in the whole big picture.

I know this might not all make sense, it's only just now really come to shape in my mind too. Over the next few weeks I plan on processing it out for myself and of course in that time to breath deep and wait to see what my next step should be in the daily life.

It's been amazing to be a part of this journey so far.

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Go Give God the Gird said...

I understand you. It is hard to just give away your plans and let God make it his plans. In the mission field we must do it even more. God sees behind the barriers of language, or culture, or time/history. It is hard to understand how or when God dose something especially when there is a great deal to do. Keep on what you are doing for as you do it you will learn how to wait or in other words trust.